last night’s catch.
first two photos: We took in 3males and 1female. These were all dropped at my house in the last week. just ugh.
The fluffy black loony cat is sweet, but talks too much.
The DSH black/ with white whiskers/ is really sweet, but skiddish. I gained his trust pretty quickly- he should calm down after the neuter.
The female tabby and white- is really sweet. I think the neighbors moved out and left her. She had a very tight flea collar on/ I removed it. (don’t put these worthless fucking death traps on your cats)
The tux is just full feral.

The last photo is just of my strays that have already been TNR. Had to throw them in carriers so they wouldn’t fill our traps haha. They were not happy. The cat in the largest carrier is Nicolai, the gatekeeper. This cat is great and greets people at the gate and leads them to the door. He’s a russian mobster I swear, but also sweet.

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  1. ms-ashri said: wow thats so many of them, are you going to get them fixed? keeping them? putting up for adoption? it always astounds me how ppl just toss them out :(
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