Wally’s first vet trip. 2013

We took Wally in for a normal check up and fecal test. The fecal test came back completely negative! hallelujah.

I love our herp vet; he’s amazing. He was extremely impressed with Wally’s condition and the answers we gave to all of his question. Apparently Wally seemed outwardly, in perfect condition. Dr. Rossi even went as far as to say we should be teaching a class on how to care for these guys. I guess he frequently sees so many problems. perhaps he was just flattering us. lol

Wally weighs 524 grams and turned a year old this month. Dr. Rossi mentioned that he’s easily 75 grams heavier than any regular established adult that he regularly sees at his clinic.
In short: Wally’s a BIG BOY.

He also told us about a breeder convention this weekend in Daytona. It sounds intriguing enough and I think I heard Heather talking about it. If we had nothing going on this weekend we might have- tried going, but I think things are a bit crazy atm. So many people in my house and coming to visit. :D

I’m so happy that Wally’s health seems great. That puts some of my mind to ease.

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    This guy’s harness is so adorable. Did you make it yourself?
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    May I just say that his matching harness is just freaking ADORABLE? (Wally looks even more dashing than normal with it...
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