My betta folder is filling up nicely! You guys have some gorgeous fish. I hope I still feel like painting when I get out of artclass tonight!

Last picture spam for a while I promise!
I discovered an upside to having to inject insulin…. At the end of each month I get to keep these nifty vials! I love glass and love glass bottles ‘n such even more. C:
I guess I’ll have a few more of these lying around in time. Just have to wait it out. lol My mother tossed out the two from last month so BAWLS. Anyhow. I need to find something to do with them/ even if it’s only filling them with odds and ends or even if someone wants a couple in the future for a craft ‘d be willing to do trades. c;
Just let me know.

Snail obsession: I was researching giant African snails and pouting because it looks like they might be illegal to have here, when I found this little guy drowning in the two-day long storm that’s outside. Look at that. a snail.

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