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Aaron asked me to draw him.
Now he won’t ask again Lawl…

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Support Kaitlund creating Dragon and other Mythical Creature Illustrations

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My tea shelf on a good day. After a while it’s ended up organized by theme. The washi canisters are mainly full of greens, the pressed glass jars that I found at goodwill for $1.00 are filled with bulky rose teas, while the bottom shelf is devoted to loose leaf tins. Various boxes of herbals and any stray adagio sample bags end up fitting nicely into the bottom right corner. I end up only keeping a few select favorites on hand at all times, but I go through a lot of adagio samples very quickly. 

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Shades of gray ;)

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She’s such a diva!

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Aaron and I are finally campinnnnn
It’s pretty hot out during the day and I’m still not feeling well,
but I’m enjoying myself
I’m surviving :)
Aaron’s dad set up his camper for us and left his mobile wifi
How nice of him!
However the AC is hella cold and freezing me outI just can’t win haha/ my body is so sensitive to temps now
At least I have a pile of covers to hide under

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. <3

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What a pretty baby!

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Sweet pea is still changing colors!

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Pond Jewels (by John Gremmer)

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Oh my goodness! You Guuuyyys! A fish pastry maker! *o* 

One day i’ll buy a million things from her..’sigh’

I keep saying the same thing. ; ;
one day…

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ahh I forgot to share!
The biopsies on Aaron came back this evening cancer-free. Thank GOD!

now for the next set of tests.

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Come join the live commissions stream! \uwu/
Pieces priced as listed, first come first served, payment up front via paypal!

Feel free to drop by and watch or chat, even if not buying anything. c:

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I got my fish back!! Gonna hang her up on my wall uwu
Or I’ll sell her for $400 to the first buyer! Free shipping!

She’s so beautiful. ; ;

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if I did a commissions stream, where you buy something and then watch me draw it, would anyone be interested??

Prolly $10 for something like this and this.
and $5 sketches.
Or $5 cute things! ($10 for a sheet of four)


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