So it’s finally come to this. Mom got me this silly harness and name tag since I will be going out and travelling with her soon. She said it’s just incase I slip away and go for a walk like Frankie does. She also got me a stupid leash to keep me close. Atleast that better reflects who I am.

aww waffles its ok. Zoya feels the same way about hers.

You look very handsome in your harness! It accentuates your shell-complection and that tortie-butt!

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I wasn’t expecting that to happen at the end of the episode. DX I was like noooooooooo and Ollie and thea… annnndddd noooooooooo

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My fish in the 46g were happy as could be when I got home, but after the latest episode of Arrow tonight… I found them all hiding in the corner.

I guess these bebies didn’t like how the episode left off EITHER OMG.

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Forgot to post this after critique. It’s kind of a silly theme but I’m pretty sure this painting made me want to change majors :’D

Sorry for the cruddy photo quality. There’s also a small smudge on the jackalope’s antler from where the painting fell off the wall when I was setting up for crit and landed on my leg. I never got around to cleaning it up (better my jeans than the floor). Other than that, yes, I am happy with how it came out!

I also realized mid way through painting the bottom corner that I did not know how to pronghorn, so that was an adventure.

I love it I love it I love it

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BIG CAT RESCUE:  Big Cat Playtime!

Cameron the male African Lion and Zabu the female white tiger love each other very much and love “playtime” where they can be very goofy big cats!

Learn more about Big Cat Rescue’s “odd couple” - watch their video bio here: Youtube

* We do not breed our cats at the sanctuary for life in a cage, Cameron was given a vasectomy and Zabu was spayed to prevent them from breeding and producing ligers. You can read more about ligers here: BCR - Ligers


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Colored Sylveira's lines and gave it a background

Clickthrough for bigger and/or if you have lines you want me to color between personal projects

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I know other people MUST have this problem:

You’re stuck somewhere else, but you feel overwhelmingly productive.
Srsly.. At work right now and all I want to do is paint…. It’s terrible.

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Sleeping family of lynx()

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waterbending at its finest

Dear white people,

Please stop cosplaying as PoC characters.

Thank you.


Dear little-missandry,

Anyone can cosplay as anyone/anything they want. Also, that’s the actual voice actress for Korra. She literally IS the avatar.

Thank you




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Giraffe-taur drops a quarter: the crappy comic.

Omg just the idea of a girafftaur

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Blotch and Cranberry! I figured, why not take weights and get close ups of these beauties too. :)
Calico colors are so sooo pretty. man. I probably should have thought to take weights when they first got here, but ah well.

Blotch weight 9g
Cranberry weight 8g

how do you weigh a fish…

Oh, easily! :)
I have a kitchen scale (I bought from Amazon, but places like Walmart also carry them) that will measure anything up to 17lbs. It has settings for lbs, ounces, grams, ect. To weigh a fish: you’ll need two smaller containers of tank water, one to place on the scale and one to hold the fish until it can be placed into to the container on the scale. You’ll need to tare the weight so that the weight of the container doesn’t register on the scale then you carefully and gently scoop out the fish in your hand and place them in the container on the scale. The tared scale should now only account for the newly added weight of the fish and tahdah! You now have the weight of your fishy friend. :D

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Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko (Strophurus ciliaris aberrans) by Stephen Zozaya on Flickr.

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you could call that one pretty butterfly telescope fry Firedancer :D
- Anonymous

That’s a great suggestion. :)
Which one, though? lawl

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